Really dynamic frictionless payments.

A digital solution that promotes an agile, fluid experience.

Wallet features: Innovation and security at all payment stages to make life better.


Transactions without friction or delay in processing

100% Digital

Solution prepared for the fully online, digital world

Multi-pronged payment methods

Promote unique experience with credit and debit card payments

Custom journeys

CSU Wallet favors the creation of personalized journeys based on the user's profile and preferences


Efficiency at the physical point of sale without queues or cashiers, making for quicker integrated operations.

Consumer autonomy

Allow users to choose which payment methods to use and how to use them in each purchase

Payment experience pushed to the limit

CSU Wallet allows your company to offer an innovative experience in digital payments. No contact, cash or physical card. A frictionless alternative encourages greater retail consumption in less time.

Our 100% digital solution is the ideal way to create personalized and future-proof journeys.

Other benefits

Digital Card

Identical to the physical card. It has a number, security code and expiration date. Available in the bank’s App or digital wallets.

Card tokenization

This approach replaces real user data with encryption-protected algorithms.

Multi-pronged payment methods

Users can register their desired cards, giving more flexibility and choice when paying for purchases.

Simple, agile and innovative checkout

The offer of contactless transactions enables a smoother, more comfortable way of purchasing, streamlining the entire process.

Safe and dependable

Robust solution designed to manage high transaction volume with maximum efficiency.

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