High-tech services for process management and customer experience
CSU DX: intelligence, automation and customized technology to enhance the efficiency of your internal processes and transform your customer experience.
UP DIGITAL XTRM: Your Customer Experience 100% DIGITAL
The most efficient payment and credit solution on the market. Lightweight, flexible, and digital.
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Less complexity. More strategic vision.

Your company’s day-to-day life can be less complex when you have a partner like CSU Digital.

Through technological innovation, CSU enables an inclusive and convenient digital journey in financial services through an agile, consistent, reliable payment solutions platform with a modern and intelligent portfolio of services.

Since 1992, CSU has been bringing innovative technological solutions to its customers and has created a unique and innovative operating model with technologies that integrate and connect banks, finance companies, retailers, service companies to their markets and consumers, enabling, in addition to the flexibility of services, continuous access to new markets and pioneering in the launch of products and solutions.

Complete solutions for your business

Discover the latest technologies for means of payment, BaaS, loyalty and customer experience that integrate the highest level of corporate governance.


We combine security, performance, agility and flexibility in an end-to-end platform for processing and managing electronic payment methods.


Banking as a Service

Whatever your market is, our Banking as a Service resources help you expand your service portfolio by offering financial products.



Count on a friendly solution for managing markets and trading receivables that allows for integration with brands, transaction routing and network management.


Loyalty and Incentive

A solution to leverage the value of your brand by creating loyalty, incentive and points management campaigns with a redemption marketplace.


Risk & Compliance

With RiskOps we combine a unified approach to financial crime risks through a single support platform.


Digital Experience

Gain more efficiency with digital and intelligent solutions that bring productivity gains, cost reduction, operational quality and a better customer experience.

Excellence and experience

31 years of experience in the market

Complete solutions in Means of Payment

Pioneer in independent processing of means of cards

Technology in Loyalty solutions

Companies that trust our solutions


With record profits and diversification, CSU plans expansion with an eye on the international market

The use of artificial intelligence in payment methods is a bet for growth in a recently launched business front.

How generative AI is transforming the payments market

Technology has made many advancements in payment methods and now with generative AI, it will impact the financial industry as it brings efficiency, personalization and security to payment systems.

Amex®, Justa and CSU partnership benefits more than 3 thousand SMEs across Brazil

The first Brazilian payment fintech to issue Amex® cards for corporate customers, Justa intensifies its offer of solutions through credit cards for small and medium-sized companies across the country.

Discover how our solutions can help your company

Transform your digital journey and bring more competitiveness to your business with customized services.

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