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Learn about the history of our biggest social responsibility

Founded in 2003, Institute CSU began its activities with a social project that combined Education and Technology, through computer training courses.

With the expansion of activities throughout its existence, the Project followed the growth of our company, where we increasingly value the importance of the relationship with the community and its citizen participation in the current reality.

From the beginning to the present day, the CSU Institute has served more than 20,000 people in the community and we will continue to work so that this number can grow even more.


To invest in the professional training of young people and adults for human development, through initiatives that enhance their individual capacities.


Institute CSU is geared towards enabling the complete training of young people and adults served, enhancing its performance through partnerships and human appreciation.


Valuing and investing in human training;

Commitment to the development of the favored public and to the continuity of the proposed actions;

Transparency in actions and information;

Participation in the social development of CSU.

Projects and programs

We believe that providing support and training for entering the job market is the best way to bring social and economic development to people. Following this principle, the institute combines education and technology through several computer courses, in addition to encompassing other actions for the benefit of the community, in three exclusive programs:

The base of the Program To DO is the computer courses aimed at people looking to enter the job market. This front has:

CSU Apprentice Program

The CSU Jr Apprentice Program contributes to the formation of a more qualified professional for the current market demands, monitoring the development of apprentices and giving awareness-raising lectures with CSU managers.

CSU Program for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

The CSU Program for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities aims at the constant monitoring of professionals, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and adaptation to the different areas of CSU, as well as promoting equality and citizenship, in order to guarantee social inclusion and the participation of this public in society.

Education Program

The Educa Program is part of an efficient initiative for the social and economic development of the community and employees, with the objective of training and improving knowledge, providing online courses with certificates for self-development, in addition to providing favorable learning conditions anytime and anywhere. and count on renowned partners. The program has already obtained, between 2020 and 2021:

985 participants in training.

In addition to the programs above, those interested can access the CSU Institute’s annual course calendar and plan to enroll in the desired program.

In the Program to Support, we offer ways to facilitate the return or insertion of parents, Institute students, and other people in the community into the job market. To this end, we contributed with:

Crescer Sorrindo Kindergarten

This institute located in Belo Horizonte offers assistance to children aged from four months to six years and was fully adopted by CSU, where we make monthly donations for the maintenance and development of socio-educational work. With our support, Crescer Sorrindo Kindergarten has improved its facilities and its ability to help the children it serves.

Project Crescendo com Você

Its objective is to provide the local community and the Institute’s students or alumni with new opportunities to enter the job market through their inclusion in CSU’s selection processes.

In the Program To Be, we promote solidarity campaigns that benefit countless families and children throughout the year, with the participation of our employees who come together to cooperate with various actions, such as:

CSU believes in the training and empowerment of its employees and, with this in mind, the Grow Program was developed, in which we generate opportunities for professional growth through internal hiring, with a focus on valuing recognition of our talents through transfer or promotion to a new opportunity within CSU.
We offer employees personal, professional, soft and hard skills development courses, which have already generated:

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For us, success and social responsibility must go hand in hand . Therefore, if you wish to participate in Institute CSU’s programs or are looking for more information about our actions, please contact us: