Business Process Hyperautomation
HAS is CSU Digital’s business process hyperautomation solution, designed for companies that have large volumes of recurring processes or a high level of complexity. The solution uses several technological resources such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Observability, Autonomous and Assisted Agents, all integrated through automated workflows.


CSU Digital has a huge operation to support the back office of several clients, with a high volume of calls performed every day. An example of recurring processes that we have is disputes of purchases made by the credit card user. CSU Digital has a huge operation to support the back office of several clients and saw an opportunity to apply it's own hyperautomation technology to optimize it's chargeback process.requests are high in volume, frequent and repetitive, which is why CSU saw a great potential to apply its hyperautomation solution in-house and optimize our chargeback processes.


The solution chosen to automate these processes and reduce the average reply time (ART) was HAS, CSU's hyperautomation solution, which combines the expertise of specialists with a series of technologies for handling and automating large volumes of data, including artificial intelligence for processes involving analysis and decision making. The solution is already in use and handles more than 250,000 transactions per month, preventing fraud and contesting undue transactions carried out in any channel.


With HAS, the average demand handling time dropped by up to 75% and brought a 30% reduction in costs throughout the chain. The solution also helps to increase information security and service quality, as it significantly reduces the volume of data exposed to the operator, and reduces the possibility of human error. In addition, the reports and dashboards available in real time raise the level of governance and allow for more careful analyzes of the macro scenario, with this, strategic decisions become faster and more assertive.
“The main objective of incorporating AI capabilities into the new technological solution is to reduce friction for the cardholder. When the user contacts CSU, he expects the problem to be resolved as soon as possible, because the delay has a real impact on that person’s daily life. The goal is to reduce the impact on the card holder to only minutes after the first contact and HAS has allowed us to get very close to that goal.”

Fabiano Droguetti

COO da CSU Digital

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