Hyperautomation technology for broad process volumes

Cut response time and bring efficiency to your back office by applying artificial intelligence to your business processes.

Optimize your average response time

Reduce by up to 80% average incident response time or data analysis time with a powerful combination of tools.

Do more with a lot less

Automated processes add speed, scalability and efficiency to your company while reducing budgets.

Reach surprising levels of quality

Prevent process diversion and minimize human errors by adopting high-performance technologies, such as AI-powered decision engines.

True governance

Count on the most advanced observability features and ensure full control with integrated dashboards, real-time data and predictive analyses.

Restrict access to sensitive data

Increase security by automating processes and prioritizing the flow of sensitive data, reducing human interference.

Ensure standardization and predictability of complex processes

Organize your work flows with the support of our specialized BPO teams and combine the most advanced technologies on the market.

We eat our own cooking

We shrank by up to 75% the response time in our chargeback processes and drove down costs by up to 30% across this entire business process.

You can optimize your business processes and gain as much as we did. 

Embedded technologies

The different technologies embedded in our solution allow not only the smart automation of various processes, but also the use of autonomous and assisted agents as well as the addition of an artificial intelligence layer to processes that require highly complex decisions.

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Machine learning 
  • Intelligent Character Recognition 
  • Enterprise Content Management 
  • Work flow
  • Process mining

Applicable in various processes and markets:


Chargeback and fraud prevention processes demand quick responses and complex analyses. Bank on HAS to significantly reduce analysis time.


Manage claims in record time, analyze and organize documents automatically and free your team for truly important processes.


Maximize the efficiency of your logistics management by integrating invoices, knowledge and the entire process flow in a complete, organized way.


Enhance interactions and connections with your customers by introducing innovative shopping journeys, in addition to optimizing e-commerce procedures such as streamlining reverse logistics.

Internal processes

Enhance interactions and connections with your customers by introducing innovative shopping journeys, while optimizing e-commerce procedures such as simplifying reverse logistics 

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